John Adams and Shane Maguire provide personal, constructive, and professional attention to a comprehensive range of legal and consultancy services covering individual, family and business difficulties and contingencies. They are assisted by extremely diligent and courteous long-serving support staff utilising the latest technology and

  • (a) Offer extremely competitive conveyancing costs for residential property.
  • (b) Provide free advice and assistance to clients choosing home investment or commercial loans.
  • (c) Deliver efficient personal services which save time and money.
  • (d) Attend your place of business at your convenience.




John Adams
John Adams established the firm in Ivanhoe in 1966 and practises in Commercial Law including business structures, trusts, liquor and gaming licensing, sport, taxation, estate planning, conveyancing and probate.
Tel: (03) 9497 2622


Shane Maguire
Shane Maguire served his Articles with the firm and then entered partnership in 1973. He practises in Litigation Law including crime and family law, de facto, property and commercial disputes; commercial law, conveyancing and wills.
Tel: (03) 9497 2622