Property Law

At AMS LAW we have specialist property lawyers who are able to advise and assist on a broad range of property matters including conveyancing, adverse possession claims, boundary disputes and property development.

Specifically, we provide legal services in the following areas of property law:

  • Conveyancing – we act on behalf of clients from start to finish.  We draft contracts and associated documents, conduct searches, complete necessary transfers, liaise with other parties, banks, mortgagees and brokers, attend to settlements and register all dealings



  • Leases – we prepare retail, commercial, industrial and farm leases and the assignment, variation and extension of such leases


  • Building And Construction – we provide comprehensive advice in relation to all construction issues and assistance in drafting building or construction contracts. We also assist with resolution of building disputes and in the in the unfortunate event that litigation is unavoidable we are well placed to act in .


  • Mortgages – we prepare documents for mortgages and the discharge of mortgages and other encumbrances and attend to registration on your behalf.  We also provide independent legal advice and solicitors certificates in relation to mortgage documents as required by many financial institutions.


  • Caveats and Title Registrations – we prepare and lodge caveats and withdrawal of caveats, applications for new title, registration of owners corporation plans, replacement of lost title and other land-related applications.


  • Stamp duty – we advise on all aspects of stamp duty in property transactions and prepare documents for stamp duty exemptions where appropriate.


  • Owners Corporations Issues – we provide advice and assistance on all aspects of owners corporation law including on issues involving compliance with regulations and rules and in the administration and management of owners corporations generally.  We are able to assist unit owners, occupiers and owners corporations.


  • Planning And Environment – we provide advice and assistance on all aspects of development applications and objections to such applications.  We are able to act for developers, residents or interested members of the community from the initial phase of formulating applications to attendances at planning appeals hearings.


  • Retirement Villages – we assist clients by reviewing contracts of sale and residence contracts prior to clients signing such contracts and provide advice on all aspects of the transaction insofar as it relates to and regulates the relationship with the retirement village operator.  We can also advise more specifically on matters including stamp duty, GST, service fees and levies and on refurbishment and capital replacement costs obligations and termination of residence contracts and vacation of retirement village premises.