Methods of Costing

The methods of costing for our services are:

(a) Non-litigious matters including conveyancing, commercial transactions, leases and sales acquisition of businesses – as per the Practitioners Remuneration Order

(b) Probate – as per Supreme Court Rules

(c) Family Law – as per the Family Law Act Scale of Fees and Charges

(d) Litigation in Magistrates Court, County Court, Supreme Court or Federal Court – as per the relevant Court Scale


Disbursements are out of pocket payments necessarily incurred on behalf of our clients and are additional amounts payable which will be separately itemized in our bills.

Tax Invoices

Tax Invoices are rendered at appropriate stages in each transaction with payments due within 30 days. Interest at the rate specified under the Penalty Interest Rate Act 1983 may be charged on legal costs unpaid at the expiry of 30 days after receipt by a client of a Tax Invoice.

Costs Agreements

Clients have the right to negotiate a written Costs Agreement to be provided with itemised accounts within 30 days of receiving a summarised bill.


As soon as practicable after being retained in a matter we will supply further information so that you will have an appreciation of the total costs involved.