Privacy Policy

AMS LAW is an organisation that respects and is considerate of the individual’s right to privacy.

The individual details requested on our forms in this web site will be used for administration and for purposes related to the query or service for which you have completed the form.

We will also use the information for communicating information to you from the Firm regarding any of our services that are deemed appropriate to your interests and needs.

AMS LAW will not make this information available to any third party unless it is necessary as part of the provision of this service and you ask us to do so.

By submitting this form you are providing the Firm with consent to use your individual details for such purposes.

You may at any reasonable time request to see the contents of the information that the Firm holds on you and the Firm will make such information available to you. If you wish, you may correct or change any of the information we hold on you. Please contact the Privacy Officer on 03 8346 4900 or email [email protected]