Unfair Dismissal

Workplace peace of mind

Everyone is entitled to a fair and safe working environment. The workplace is more regulated than ever before, so it’s imperative you have up-to-date advice on Employment and Industrial Law.

Many unfair and unlawful dismissal claims can be resolved through negotiation. In some cases, however, court action is required. In cases where disputes about dismissal arise, our team is experienced and effective in conducting litigation or using the most appropriate alternative dispute resolution techniques.

Our Employment and Industrial Law team is comprised of highly proficient litigation lawyers to help you achieve a favourable outcome to your dispute. We provide skilled representation in various courts and tribunals including; the Industrial Relations Commissions, Anti-Discrimination Tribunals, and Chief Industrial Magistrate’s Court.

An employee can make an application in relation to an unfair dismissal if they have been dismissed on grounds which were harsh, unjust, unreasonable or that constituted unlawful discrimination, provided that the Industrial Relations Commission has jurisdiction to hear the application. There are a number of jurisdictional issues which applicants in unfair dismissal matters face. Even if a dismissed employee applies out of time, or has some other concern in relation to making an application, they should obtain legal advice as soon as possible if they believe that they may have grounds for making an unfair dismissal application.